Lara Russo


by and with LARA RUSSO
Music Filippo Bonelli

The investigation starts from the contact with trunks and branches, a possible relationship between body and material. Then, the dance imbues with the wood’s shapes, sounds, and visible and tactile qualities, becoming a dancing body.

A landscape in which the natural elements spur the dance to search for echoes and dissonances. A metaphysical space rises that welcomes images in constant search of openings and dialogues.


Lara Russo studied and worked in Barcelona and then in Berlin in 2000/2010. Since 2010 she has been teaching and creating in Bologna. Interested in improvisation as a performative practise, she collaborates with musicians, sound designers and plastic artists for her choreographic works. The focus of her work is the relationship: between bodies, bodies and objects, bodies and space, bodies and sound.