O-Team feat. Lonzdale’s Fantasy

Nina Malotta, Nils Meisel, Nele Tiidelepp, Kenneth Stitt, Samuel Hof

“An opera is a dramatic theatre piece with music. And that’s what we do”. So O-Team teams up with Portuguese Electro-Punk-Post-Combat-Pop-Band Lonzdale’s Fantasy to develop a big opera project for a somewhat mysterious festival in some remote area of Basilicata, southern Italy.

F.A.K.E. is a semi-documentary project about the difficult task of being an artist. A constantly evolving art-pop work is created in several stages.

First, it combines footage from the making-of of the year-long trip to Basilicata with parts of performances and a concert. Then, directly from the Japan-Tour, en route to Mexico with exclusive unreleased material and lost diary entries. Now with extended instrumental passages, banjo solos and lots of houseflies.


O-Team is an independent group based in Stuttgart (DE), founded in 2007. They work in the field of performing arts, combining current socio-political issues with experimental art forms. They define their artistic action as subversive, poetic and intellectual.

Their work is developed in an interdisciplinary way, interacting with communities and places.

They produce participatory and immersive performances site-specific and multimedia, crossing narration, image and puppet theatre, and urban action in contamination of genres.