Paola Bianchi

ph. Enrico Fedrigoli

deposito dettato 85010

coreografia, danza, voce Paola Bianchi 
sound design Stefano Murgia 
tutor Roberta Nicolai 
sguardo esterno Ivan Fantini 
costumi PianoB 
residenze artistiche Teatro Felix Guattari – Masque Teatro; Teatro Galli, Rimini; Santarcangelo Festival 
produzione PinDoc 
coproduzione Teatri di Vetro; Città di Ebla 
con il contributo di MiC e Regione Sicilia

The contemporary human being is conditioned from birth by a double condition:

on the one hand, his own will, his desire, and on the other, his duty, the obligations linked to community and morality. As a result, we are never entirely free; we constantly act between inside and outside, between law and autonomy, between what we want to do and what we have to do. The work unfolds in a desperate vitality, there is no surrender but a continuous struggle to confirm one’s existence, to feel alive.


Paola Bianchi, a choreographer and dancer, has been active on the contemporary dance scene since the late 1980s. She collaborates with musicians, video artists, writers, theatre directors, theatre directors. With her performances, she participates in national and international festivals. In addition, her research on the body pushes her to investigate the vision of choreography through video, leading her to participate in many festivals dedicated to video dance. She conducts workshops on choreographic research and lectures at several Italian universities. In addition, she has curated the artistic direction of exhibitions and festivals.