Direction and dramaturgy: Antonella Iallorenzi – Raffaella Giancipoli

Staging: Angelo Piccinni
Certified guide of Forest bathing (Forest Therapy Institute) – Rocco Perrone

What happens in the boundary spaces?

In those spaces between nature and the world inhabited by human beings?

And what happens when nature takes back its dimension?

We explore the village and the natural spaces of Cirigliano.

We investigate with the inhabitants (elderly, adults, children), through their personal stories, what it means to live in a perched village surrounded by trees, woods and gullies. We discover a place, a way of living in nature.

Three research paths.

Trees that heal.
Trees that communicate.
Trees that are born.

Stage zero of a new theatre production on the relationship between man and nature.


The Petra Theatre Company was founded in December 2011 in Satriano di Lucania (Pz). Antonella Iallorenzi (artistic director, actress and theatre trainer) and Angelo Piccinni (technical director), the beating heart of the company, decided, on the strength of their long experience in the theatrical field gained over the years in Italy and abroad, to give life to a project of their own which, while maintaining a national profile, is deeply rooted in the territory of Lucania. The company has chosen to have its foundations in a provincial town of 2,400 inhabitants in Basilicata. Its theatre launches projects that are expanding nationally and internationally, making its artistic vision interact with the various reference communities.