The Festival

In Linea d’Aria (t/n: Air Distance) is a project that inhabits different kinds of widespread spaces  simultaneously: the live in-person one; the one of the radio, live and deferred audio, meant as an inhabited and extended space and not as a simple media; the digital and interactive one of “Gap”, an audio-proximity device that allows listening from smartphones.

Introduced by a period of artistic residency, the calendar of events runs from December the 3rd to the 5th 2021. It includes live performances, workshops open to the inhabitants of the host countries, an Agora, and an interactive radio programme. The scheduled performances reflect the Nature/Culture theme; artists elaborate a “simultaneous” live performance for the attendees and those listening on Radio Leib, a digital space that maintains the connection between the countries involved. In addition, each town hosts an artistic residency from November 29 to December the 2nd 2021, welcoming regional, national and German ensembles, thanks to the Goethe Institut of Naples collaboration. The performances run in public spaces that are significant for the local community; also involved as “care committees”,, i.e. groups of active citizens who take care of the artists in residence.

In programma le performance di Paola Bianchi; di Lara Russo; degli O-Team; di Radio Cashmere; di IAC; di Compagnia Petra; di DJ Flower e Papa Massi.

The programme includes performances by Paola Bianchi; Lara Russo, the O-Team; Radio Cashmere; IAC; Compagnia Petra, DJ Flower and Papa Massi. The anthropologist-journalist Patrizia Giancotti will be in charge of weaving the dialogues that will animate the Agora: an open, dynamic round table, a place for critically sharing the current experience and other projects in inland areas, and at the same time, an opportunity to measure shortcomings and launch proposals in the light of the voices invited. Radio Leib will be hosted by Giovanni Passariello and Silvio Impegnoso.

The concept designed by Gesualdi | Trono inaugurates an experimental and interactive space thanks to the integration of a listening system conditioned by the orientation of the mobile device “Gap”, connected to a web page. The public will be able to listen to part of the content of the radio programme schedule by orienting their smartphone in the direction of the different countries, marked on a dedicated map. Listening becomes an experience of space. The body becomes the measure of a boundless yet well-defined landscape. Each listener/spectator becomes an inhabitant of a poetic dimension, which manifestations offer, preserves participation in presence, participating in an experience that is both intimate and collective at the same time.

The project focuses on remote areas, on the isolation of inland areas between the concept of limit and resource, on the need to imagine new strategies of cultural accessibility and different forms of proximity, and through a novel format. A concrete proposal capable of bringing contemporary art to places often cut off from official programming. Thanks to the radio dimension, the project intends to experiment with a hybrid form of participation and coexistence, which can connect people and places that are distant but coexist in the sound space of the radio. We challenge distance with the immediacy of listening and the sublimation of physical space into poetic space without renouncing the live encounter.