The Garden of Bibi Testalunga


Inauguration of the community garden designed by Mimì Coviello and Lucrezia Didio of meson ro studio for the Matera 2019 project “Gardentopia“.


Italian multidisciplinary design studio in architecture and landscape architecture, founded by Cristina Amenta, Mimì Coviello and Lucrezia Didio. Meson Ro designs interior and exterior spaces that deal with architectural restoration, urban regeneration, urban design and gardens; it is specialised in inclusive architecture and accessible spaces. The team’s multidisciplinary approach gives life to complete projects, characterised by attention to comfort and detail. As a result, the outdoor space becomes part of the indoor space in a pleasant, refined and functional continuum. For this reason, Meson Ro’s experience also extends to site-specific projects, temporary installations and temporary gardens.